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खेळत खेळत शिकुया


In 1986 registered with the Ministry of Information & broadcasting ,Delhi. “ Filmco” was established which now is known as khelkar brothers Production Pvt. Ltd.

“Khel edu” is a new education concept developed after continuous research & development. This was not an activity. The need to educate the society through social media gained roots in 1986. Educational , agricultural & other social aspects were covered through more than 100 documentary produced by Filmco. Also contributed in making more than 150 documentary for UGC programme at Dordarshan through Pune university . This was a mass drive which covered all the hook & corner of Maharashtra. This become a daily journal of Maharashtra in a very short time.

Later on in 1992 a drive was initiated to emphasis more on the education aspect. A new look to subject like physics , chemistry & biology practical’s was given through 90 mints video films. This was a breakthrough as it gained popularity & was widely accepted in coaching classes and throughout pune. The videos helped students to increase their educational moral & found user friendly.

This began a journey to “Khel edu” an education made easy , simple and interesting “khelat khelat shikuya” is now being introduced to all schools in Maharashtra with a vision …..

Come lets join “Khel edu … khelat khelat shikuya”


KBPPL is an established production house. We provide a wide variety of services that our clients can choose from. We take care of every detail from head to toe ensuring perfection with every execution.


Our Team

Madhukar Khelkar

He is known as "Nana Bhau" amongst all. Educated from Sir J.J School of Arts, Mumbai. He has been a Cameraman in Metal Box,Mumbai. In 1961 he shifted to Akola. He started block Making under the name of  Khelkar Block Makers & Offset printing under the name of Suprint. This was the first in Akola. Because of his love for nature, he started Khelkar nursery in his own farm. In 1998 he started the first green house cultivation with high tech floriculture in Vidarbha. He has also played a great role in Maharashtra Mudran Parishad which is known for Offset Printing and received several prizes in High quality printing. He will make even the simplest of the things as precious as Gold. He cultivated gold from sold.

Dr. Pradeep Agashe

Dr.Agashe is working in the field of Maths and Science since 1973. He is an educationist by profession. He has conducted over more than 7000 educational lectures in all the districts of Maharashtra. Has published over 30 different books. His more than 100 programs have been telecasted on Balchitrawani of Doordashan. Dr.Agashe has hosted more than 25 programs on Akashwani . He was rewarded with the Life Time Achievement Award by an NGO named Apulki in Pune. There are different performing arts like folk songs and poems used in his methods of teaching. He is also known as a Magical Mathematician amongst the students. His contribution in the field of education is remarkable and has created a benchmark for the rest indeed. The main concept is to create an interest about academics amongst the students. Language is not a barrier in his teaching. He focuses particularly on Maths and Science.

Prakash Khelkar

Mr.Prakash also known as “ Bhau” is a pass out of commercial Photography course from Sir J.J School of Arts, Mumbai. He was running a commercial photography studio in Fort area, Mumbai. He was working in children’s photography at Nagpur and Akola under the name and style “Filmco”. 1986 onwards he settled in Pune , and was running an Umatic video production unit. It was the first and only unit in Pune after Mumbai in Maharashtra. Mr.Prakash has travelled all over India for Freelance Photography. He has travelled in the tribal areas of Dandakaranya i.e. Chandrapur and Bastar. He showcased a One Man Show of Photography in Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda Mumbai in 1972. He has also produced more than 500 documentaries and most of them were telecasted from Mumbai and Delhi Doordarshan. He has prepared over 150 educational programs for UGC. He is known as a Perfectionist to core.

Akash Khelkar CEO

Eye for detail, passionate and diligent is what Akash is all about! Having only two decades of experience, from a Stringer to the head of Productions and Operations he plays a key role in the Television and Events industry. He was the youngest Stringer for the Government of Maharashtra. Was associated with TV serials to name a few Surabhi, Limca records ki anokhi duniya, Kaleidoscope, Raag rang and Good food guide. He oversees each project from conception to completion. Akash is the Founder and MD of KBPPL. Resourceful and productive, ensures fruitful outcomes. He has developed his skills and inertia of the past few years to become a seasoned veteran of the broadcast television arena. A great asset to his team. He is regardless known for his sense of creativity. Akash has been looking after the production with great panache.

Mansi Jadhav

Mansi is a forward thinking and highly driven woman who is in charge of the Branding and Marketing of KBPPL. She has an experience of working in the social media for the past 12 years. She has shown amazing versatility in the work till now. She will never let the smallest of the discrepancies go unmentioned. Mansi is creative at heart and has become technical over the years. She works diligently with our clients to make sure their requests and our services coincide. Hardened workaholic and deliberately needs to get a life outside office! She is woman who is young at heart and old by her experiences. To her low aim is a crime!

Pranav Talokar

Pranav is a young mind with stunning effect ideas. He has elevated to a core team position in a short while. He has completed his AD3D VFX with specialization in particle dynamics from Maac and Mentors. He is currently Pranav is a young mind with stunning effect ideas. He has elevated to a core team position in a short while. He has completed his AD3D VFX with specialization in particle dynamics from Maac and Mentors. He is currently rendering his stunning visual effects and motion graphic designs in KBPPL. He has shown his remarkable 3D designs in 5 Fingers media, Mahindra and Mahindra and DC cars. He is also the first team member of KBPPL and has supported it all through the while.

Sumit Vanjari

Sumit has donated his life for documentary film-making. His documentary film “Umbartha” bagged at Short take in Germany and another one known as “Whoever you are” at France. He has completed his Masters in Communication studies from the University of Pune. Sumit is now working at KBPPL as an Associate Director and Editor. He is generally a slow grasping person but when understands it he reaches a completely different level. Sumit is a young man with many ideas and has come a long way. Umbartha bagged at 10th Indian Film Festival, Stuttgart in Germany and whoever you are at France along with several national level awards across the country. He likes to learn every aspect deeply and when he understands it he reaches a completely different level.

Promotion of Education via Digital

Total personality development is the main objective of Education. But, because of the over domination of the ’’attitude’’ of imparting education only to acquire good marks and 100% results, it becomes very difficult to develop one’s personality totally and completely. Also, the general attitude these days, is only to study and learn for the examinations. Later, this attained knowledge is lost to the winds. This is one of the main reasons why one’s personality can’t be developed completely. Due to this Teaching-and-studying-only-for-the-examinations point of view, teachers fail to see whether their pupils have understood what has been taught to them. Students on their part, fail to ask questions and clarify their doubts. This results in Rote Learning. Students rote learn their notes without understanding anything written only for the sake of getting good grades and passing the exams with flying colours. This prevents them from understanding the basic vital concepts, which are very important and need to be understood very well, which in turn, hampers their overall progress i.e. development of the personality.

In particular, the study of Science and Mathematics is completed with reference to the examination only. That’s why, in the basic concepts of these subjects, most of the students are poor. It is the general observation of most parents and teachers.

Taking this fact into consideration, we KBPPL have decided to produce different EDUTAINMENT programmes on those and related to these basic concepts, using different DIGITAL communicational media via Kirtans, Sawal-Jawabs, Lavanis, Bharoods, Magic shows, One act plays, Rhymes, Poems, etc.

We received tremendous result and liking for our concept from teachers, students and parents and so we are taking the next step to reach the masses to create the awareness and liking for maths and science through our EDUTAINMENT series.

We are also inviting teachers and students to participate in this innovative teaching methods, So, those who are interested in writing scripts, enacting, taking part in drama, singing can write to us at info@kbppl.com along with your bio-data and expertise.

Television Commercials

Ad films are used make the people aware of the products that have been launched in the market. There are some advertisements that make an everlasting impression on the viewer. We help you make that impression. We provide you with an alternative of webcasting the advertisements on your personal website. These ads make a fantastic teaser at conference halls or exhibitions- the choice is yours.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography means hiring a plane and providing expenses for the fuel, crew, airport fee which can fizzle out your budget. Besides, rarely would other production houses provide you with aerial photography and aerial videography which is now an exclusive feature we offer. This simply states that we can provide you with photos and videos taken from high up in the air with the use of specialized equipment. We offer this “bird’s eye view” shot at 1/4th the cost of renting a helicopter. Our clients need not worry about all the hassle because we provide facilities on a platter.
We can Help:

  1. Tourism Companies, Resorts, Outdoor adventures.
  2. Sporting Events, Stadiums Movies and Entertainment.
  3. Municipalities and Government.
  4. Marketing Firms.
  5. Weddings and Reunions.
  6. Builders and Developers.
  7. Real Estate Sales, Residential and Commercial.
  8. Engineering and Architectural Firms.
  9. Utilities

Corporate Films

A Corporate film brings the complete essence of a company’s corporate image and strategy to a customer or client. Corporate films focus on the core competencies and other aspects of a company. We as a company lead from ideation to production of the Corporate Film activities on the 360-degree level. We aim to assist the industry in their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives by coming up with relevant short films and documentaries.


Documentaries are important part of film making as it highlights some important event or incident that happened in the past. With the help of the core team, we present you the skills required to make documentary that is sure to receive positive response.

Specialized Photography Projects

We are professionals in the sector of photography as well. We do fashion and product photography along with various kinds of photography. Our team is well equipped with the latest technology required for any kind of photography.

Video Newsletters

One of the new trends that are catching up in leading Firms and corporate houses is of weekly video newsletters. This is being sent across various social mediums aiming to hit out not only to the employee’s but also keeping the various stakeholders updated about company on a regular basis through simple and sophisticated visual mediums.

Management of Exclusive Events

We are specialized at hosting events as we have been doing for three decades. Handling events with professionalism, KBPPL ensures perfection up to the last details. All our events are hosted in collaboration with our crew on board.

Line Production

Putting our skills to full use, our Production House provides suitable logistics to prospective film makers to enable them to achieve their aim. We ensure smooth running of the film making process with the best of the resources at hand. With ingredients like efficiency and a smooth functioning team, KBPPL sets high standards along with professionalism.

Contact Address

Phone: +91 9075089883

Email: brandmarketing@kbppl.com


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Sindh Society, Aundh,
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